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ISC - Topic wise Practical Question

Array - 1D
1.    ISC 2000Program to calculate number of days between two dates                            (With PROGRAM)
2.    ISC 2001Program to calculate number of days from 1st January                                (With PROGRAM)
3.    ISC 2011 -   Program to Validate Date                                                                                                     (With PROGRAM)
4.    ISC 2010Program to Validate Date                                                                                                     (With PROGRAM)
5.    ISC 2009Program to calculate date after  'n' number of days                                         (With PROGRAM)
6.    ISC 2007Program to calculate Day of a week after 'n' number of days                    (With PROGRAM)
7.    ISC 2001 -   Program to Merge two sorted arrays
8.    ISC 2002Program to rearrange values in an array
9.    ISC 2006Program to Merge and sort two arrays

Array - 2D
1.    ISC 2003Program to calculate SADDLE Point in 2D Array
2.    ISC 2005Program to check for Wondrous Square
3.    ISC 2008Program to find Largest and 2nd Largest value and Sort element of Rows
4.    ISC 2009Program to Sort and Print Boundary elements
5.    ISC 2011 -   Program to Sort elements Column wise
6.    ISC 2012Program to find Maximum and Minimum element and Sort Array
7.    ISC 2013Program to Generate Mirror Image of 2D Array                                                (With PROGRAM)
8.    ISC 2014Program to Check for Symmetric Matrix                                                                (With PROGRAM)
9.    ISC 2015Program to Rotate 2D Array with 90 degrees                                                     (With PROGRAM)
10.   ISC 2016 -  Program to Check for Symmetric Matrix                                                                (With PROGRAM)
ISC 2016SP -  Program to Generate Mirror Image of 2D Array                                        (With PROGRAM)
12.   ISC 2017 -  Program to Check for Symmetric Matrix                                                                (With PROGRAM)

1.    ISC 1999 -   Program to Generate Word Processor
2.    ISC 2000Program to Print Word Pattern
3.    ISC 2000Program to Read Data from Data File and Print it
4.    ISC 2003Program to Print Decrypted Word
5.    ISC 2004Program to Print Encrypted Word
6.    ISC 2005Program to Sort Words in Sentence Length-wise
7.    ISC 2006Program to Check Valid Words
8.    ISC 2007Program to Print Words in Reverse order
9.    ISC 2008Program to Print Pattern of Vowel and Words
10.  ISC 2009Program to Sort Words length-wise
11.   ISC 2010Program to Find Frequency of Words
12.  ISC 2010
Program to
Sort Words and Find Vowel
13.  ISC 2011 -  
Program to Encrypt Words in Sentences
14.  ISC 2011 -   Program to
15.  ISC 2011 -   Program to Print Number in Word Format
16.  ISC 2012Program to Sort Words in a Sentence
17.  ISC 2013 -   Program to count number of Palindrome Words
18.  ISC 2014Program to remove blank spaces and find location of word 

1.    ISC 1999 -   Program to Generate School Report Card
2.    ISC 2001Program to Find Lucky Number
3.    ISC 2002Program to Print Numbers
4.    ISC 2002Program to Check and Print Twin Prime Numbers                                            (With PROGRAM)
5.    ISC 2003Program to Print Time in Words                                                                                      (With PROGRAM)
6.    ISC 2004Program to Find Time Difference between Login and Logout Time
7.    ISC 2004Program to Check and Print Numbers in Different Base                                (With PROGRAM)
8.    ISC 2005
Program to Generate Anagram
9.    ISC 2006
Program to Generate Number Sequence
                                                                    (With PROGRAM)
10.  ISC 2007Program to Find and Print Unique Digit Numbers                                             (With PROGRAM)
11.   ISC 2008Program to Check and Print Smith Numbers                                                (With PROGRAM)
12.  ISC 2010 -  
Program to Check and Print Kaprekar Numbers                                        
13.  ISC 2010 -  
Program to Find and Print Denomination of Money                                 
14.  ISC 2011 -  
Program to Calculate 
15.  ISC 2012 -   Program to Find and Print Prime Palindrome Numbers
16.  ISC 2013 -   Program to Check and Print ISBN Numbers
17.  ISC 2014 -   Program to Check and Print Composite Magic Number                                 (With PROGRAM)