Java Preferences Tool

A Java™ application for viewing and editing stored preferences.

This is a simple utility for Java developers and testers, in the spirit of Microsoft's Registry Editor. It allows you to view and edit Java Preferences.

Java™ is a trademark of Sun Microsystems.

Current version

The program is still in beta stage, expect bugs. The current version is 0.8, dated 2006-09-15. 

The program is available free of charge for non-commercial use, under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License, version 2. See also the Wikipedia article.

 Download the executable jar file here. Note: Java SE 5 or newer is required.

The source code is hosted by Google Code. See

A short description

This program is a tool for Java developers and testers. It allows to see the contents of Java preferences visible by the local JVM, edit them, store them into files, load from files, compare subtrees, search for names and values.

The program has traditional explorer-style interface, with tree view of current preferences in the left pane, and table view of keys and values for selected preference node in the right pane.

On start the program shows you the standard "user" and "system" preference trees. Use tabs to navigate between trees.

You can also create new (initially empty) trees, and populate them by creating nodes and associated properties manually, or by copy-paste operations from existing trees. They serve as worksheets, allowing you to quickly exchange information between files and actual preferences.

For more information, just play with the program, or read the program's help page for detailed instructions. In short, this utility allows to:

  • Edit, create, remove preferences (key-value pairs) associated with preference nodes.
  • Change the structure of preference tree: create, rename, remove, cut, copy, paste and eliminate nodes, merge trees. 
  • Compare structure and contents of trees.
  • Search trees for patterns in node names, keys and values.
  • Save trees as XML files for restoring them later, or as HTML files for reading or printing.

If you encountered a bug, or want to suggest a feature, please visit, select the "Issues" tab and create a new issue. Also, feel free to contact me: write to javaprefs, at gmail, dot com.

Have fun!

Last updated on 2006-09-15.