Alternative Languages Day 09

On the Monday prior to the roundup, there will be several houses available to get together for coding dojos on various languages. The Dojos are intended to be completely open, unintimidating and no knowledge required, but we will segment by language (mainly because with as many people as we have signed up, we will have trouble fitting everyone into one house).

The following coding dojos are scheduled. Feel free to add here.  Feel free to move between houses at will.

Scala - Posse House - 213 Third
Jython - Bruce's House - 107 Whiterock
Groovy/Grails - Sopris House - 814 Sopris
Fan - Chestnut House - 409 Elk
Java FX - 213 3rd Back room (or possible alternative location)

Other houses that are available for use (propose your dojo here!):
[[insert house name here]]

Map of houses:

The proposed plan is as follows:

Step 1, identify groups of likeminded individuals who want to code in and learn about a JVM language (Groovy, JRuby, Jython, Scala, Clojure etc.) and try and get a gauge for the popularity of the language and the number of people who want to join the dojo.

Step 2, choose a location for your Dojo, hopefully Dianne and Todd can give an idea of the number of people who might be able to fit in the
respective houses. From last year I remember around 15-20 was OK in Bruce's house (with some people sitting on floors) and the posse house should accommodate up to 30.

Step 3, let me know (or publish on this list) the combination of language and house so that we can announce it on the podcast.

Step 4, if you have DVI to VGA dongles and VGA cables, please chuck them in your luggage. They are small, and I would rather have too many than too few.

Step 5, (time open to negotiation) meet up at Camp 4 coffee in Crested Butte on Monday 2nd March around 8am, there to share cables,
locations, etc. OR simply show up to your chosen house by 9am if youprefer (and know where it is).

The rest is really up to you guys. For the Scala meeting, I am going to suggest a morning session where we do some stuff, then lunch
somewhere in groups yay big, followed by optional afternoon coding session, switching to another language/house, or skiing (of course) if
you prefer. We can then reform somewhere in the evening to celebrate a successful day of dojos and the impending start of the roundup 09,
followed by food and beers of undetermined quantities at undetermined locations.

Bruce, how am I doing with the "let it go with the flow" mentality?

The most important part of this is to try and figure out the language and location for your talk and please LET ME KNOW so that we can give
details on the podcast (for anyone arriving late, or not disposed to get up to camp 4 coffee at 8am). Also, if you only have a couple of
people for your language, please consider combining with other small groups - sharing information might provide a superior session, not to
mention a better use of resources.