Twitter at the Roundup

Hey everyone, 

I have setup a special Twitter account (@JPRoundup) that will re-broadcast messages to everyone, which should help with coordination with whatnots while we're here in Crested Butte.  This makes it easy for folks to message everyone at the Roundup without having to follow everyone separately. 

Simple setup steps:
  1. Follow @JPRoundup on Twitter. 
  2. Make sure @JPRoundup is following you on Twitter.  (send "@JPRoundup Hey! Follow me!" to get my attention if I'm slow on this step) 
Once you have a mutual following setup...  it is super easy to broadcast a message to the whole group: 
  1. Send a DIRECT message to JPRoundup via Twitter.
    • This is not the same as a simple @mention type of message, it is a DIRECT message
    • You can do that via whatever Twitter client UI you use, or by SMS, etc.
    • If you're still confused, type this as your Twitter status:
    • d JPRoundup Hello there everyone! I'm ready to get my geek on!
  2. Wait a few seconds...  and your message appears as a new Tweet *from* @JPRoundup.  It will look like this:
    • via @joeracer: Hello there eveyone! I'm ready to get my geek on!
This allows all of us to message everyone without all of us having to follow everyone - AND it limits group broadcasts to only messages that you actually want broadcast to the whole group.

Happy Tweeting! 

 - Joe