From the closing session, but feel free to add:
  • Feedback mechanism to indicate how many people might show up for a session, to tell the convener whether to move or cancel it. In other conferences, we've used dots -- just put a dot on the post-it with your pen to indicate you want to come.
  • 10-15 minute biology break in the middle of lightning talk sessions.
  • Location and company info on name tags. Possibly other info to produce engagement, such as "passion."
  • Lightning talks:
    • Sessions during the day.
    • Only one talk per person at first, addition talks go on a waiting list. Once everyone who wants to has given a lightning talk, then  the waiting list talks can be added.
    • Fill first day of schedule first and keep the second day empty, so those who are new and reluctant can see how it works before signing up.
    • Electronic switch box for video to increase speed of transfer from current speaker to the one on deck. There might be more sophisticated boxes for this that could allow the notebook to synch before the switch happens.
  • For first day & afternoon sessions: (local?) github preparation to reduce setup time.
  • Earlier announcement of conference dates, not only because companies require time to approve training and travel, but also because it makes it easier to rent group houses. We should ask the local house rental agencies when choosing a date to see if they can tell us which weeks have more open houses.
  • Perhaps we could find a group project that would create a product during the afternoon coding sessions during the week, something we could actually deploy that would help (for example) people in need.
  • Get Gaussian cages for the microphones to prevent EM interference (perhaps Sweetwater Sound has a pre-made solution).
  • Is there a way to promote density during speaking in sessions, in order to make better use of our limited time? Perhaps an experimental session where you can only ask questions.
  • It looks like 50 really is the maximum number (we had 41 this year plus Bruce and the Posse). As the number grows we need to do extra things that will produce a tight-knit connection.
  • Allow others to speak; veterans be conscious of how much you are talking versus newcomers.
  • Somehow produce introductions at the beginning. One thing we could try is to create a page ahead of time and ask people to put their photos and descriptions there. (Update: the new JPR Google+ Event is a partial solution)
  • Change web site to say "you will need to sign these forms" but don't ask people to print out the forms; have them at the conference.
  • Get a better wireless box for the parish hall (perhaps an airport extreme)
  • Improve the front web page of the roundup, so it doesn't look like a ski vacation.  This makes it harder to sell to employers.