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Lightning Talks

You can find lightning talks from previous conferences at

Lightning talks are 5 minutes long and tightly timed. We hold them Tue-Thurs evenings, after dinner and back at the parish hall, starting at 8 pm. Everyone is welcome.

You will be able to use a projector, screen and sound system (provided). You are not required to use these, however.

The topics are broad ranging, and not limited to programming at all. It's more important that your topic be something you're passionate about than something you just happen to be technically competent with.

Guidelines to make lightning talks better overall:
  1. Please only sign up for one slot. We'd especially like new people to have an opportunity to give talks, and by the time they get the idea the slots are usually filled up, especially on the second lightning talk day.
  2. If you're a JPR alum, take a slot on the first day, not the second day. New attendees will have ideas after the first lightning talk night, so they need more empty slots available on the second day.
  3. Please don't repeat talks you've given before at the roundup. Instead, challenge yourself to come up with something new (it's only 5 minutes!).
  4. Instead of going for the mainstream, try to play around the edges. Do something risky -- it's more interesting.
  5. If you can, talk about a failure. We learn a lot more from those, and you'll probably find they will spark a lot more conversations.
  6. If you don't want your presentation to be recorded for the Internet, say so at the beginning of your talk. This will provide more freedom to talk about difficult subjects.