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Session Ideas

2014 Session Ideas

(No commitment implied here, just a place to throw down possibilities)
  • Guava (Joe Sondow)
  • Creative inspiration (Joe Sondow)
  • Open sourcing corporate code (Joe Sondow)
  • Implications of Java 8 Language Features (Matthew Meyer)
  • Pragmatic service oriented systems (Matthew Meyer)
  • Software Development Metaphors, "SD is like ..." (Matthew Meyer)

2013 Session Ideas

Big Data 
(No commitment implied here, just a place to throw down possibilities)

  • Idealism vs. Compromise: How Do You Decide? (Joe Sondow)
  • Why should your team open source their work? And how? (Joe Sondow)
  • Making untestable stuff testable (Joe Sondow)
  • Prototyping (Joe Sondow)
  • Hack days at work (Joe Sondow)
  • Buy vs. Build, Improve vs. Rebuild (Joe Sondow)
  • Grails (Joe Sondow)
  • Rewards for open-source solutions (Bruce Eckel) StackOverflow is great but the scope of the solutions you can get there is typically limited to what others have already solved or what they can solve in a short time. How about a structure for people to offer and deliver rewards of various sizes for bigger solutions (which would also then be freely available)? (Note this could form the foundation for a longer-term relationship). Perhaps we could do a session on this and if its justified and there's interest organize an afternoon workshop to further explore and even prototype.
  • Big data, who is doing what and how is it going? (Hugh McKee)
  • Immutable data, is this the future of how we capture information? Datomic is one of the first to push this concept into the big data space. (Hugh McKee)
  • Hooked on RDBMS, help! How do we break the addiction? And how much is this going to hurt? (Hugh McKee)
  • Reactive Programming: what, why, how? (Chris Marks)

2012 Session Ideas

(No commitment implied here, just a place to throw down possibilities)
  • Fail-Fest: (Bruce) Don't hide your failures, celebrate them! You learn a lot more from your failures than from your successes. Everyone describes something they tried, how it failed, and what they learned from it. (If this works or people are interested, we could do this as part of lightning talks -- you could just do a lightning talk that was a failure celebration)
  • Video recorded dialogs. (an idea by Eric Evans) By this I mean that as issues emerge (and last year we had some great discussions of important issues) we get the two or three people who articulate the key points of view, we sit them in front of a video camera, and we capture the discussion for posting on YouTube. Perhaps people who are so inclined and have digital cameras (Bruce only has a tape camera, which is just a pain for transferring) could post their names here. Another thought: we could go free-form and set up a camera somewhere, and anytime someone wanted to they could step up and say what they've just learned.
  • Creating an Online Open-Spaces Conference. A session discussing how we might do this (probably using Google+ Hangouts, but we're looking for ideas).

    2011 Session Ideas

    (No commitment implied here, just a place to throw down possibilities)
    • Continuous Deployment (Joe Sondow)
    • Complex Rich HTML Apps (Joe Sondow)
    • Courage and Risk Taking in Software Development (Dick Wall)
    • How can we make software development more exciting/less boring (Bruce Eckel)
    • The Software Craftsmanship Movement (read article & links) (Bruce Eckel)
    • Making Documentation Writing Fun (Joe Sondow)
    • DVCS: Risks, Rewards & The Cool Kids (Dianne Marsh, Barry Hawkins)
    • What organizational structure would make you happy? (Bruce Eckel)
    • What should I do with Thinking in Java? (I want to keep it electronic since I own the rights that way, but I'd like to crowdsource ideas and info about best ways to update. Such as: are there some formats/tools that produce multiple ebook formats, what big-leverage changes can I make, what is good timing, renaming, and how can I keep this from consuming my life again). (Bruce Eckel)
    • Functional testing & metrics - building appropriate levels of testing & measurement from persistence up to UI layers without losing your sanity

    2010 Session Ideas

    (No commitment implied here, just a place to throw down possibilities)

    • How can we create better conversations on the internet? (Bruce)
    • How to hire the 'right' people? (Ido)
    • Do we still need managers? (Bruce)
    • Deprecating procedural thinking (JPN)
    • How much should the company bear in improving employee abilities? (Sean G)
    • Maven best practices (Sean G)
    • Optimizing the process of defining, documenting, and tracing requirements to tests (Sean G)
    • Best practices for work/life balance (Ido)