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Learning Resources

Based on discussions from the roundup some of the great resources online for learning various languages/frameworks:

Server Side

Javscript MVC Frameworks
CSS/UI Frameworks
  • The two main frameworks trying to make CSS easy are Sass and Less. Sass ( originated from the Ruby/Rails world and has a lot of traction there.  Less (  is newer but originated from the JavaScript/Node.js world and has since been adopted by the Twitter/Scala/PlayFramework guys. The basics are simple - one good way to learn is by using it - for example with Bootstrap (see below).
  • Bootstrap ( is a framework to help build web-based UI's. It is a set of Less/CSS files that can be a good way to start building themes. Bootstrap sites look the same if not customized, it is a good idea to use a theme (such as the 1-2 css file customizations) provided by