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The following podcasts were recommended by attendees of JPR10 and JPR11:

  • TEDTalks
  • Buzz Out Loud
  • The Buzz Report
  • Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (ETL - you can have videos on their site)
  • Shot of Jaq
  • Gadgettes
  • Current Geek
  • The Official jQuery Podcast
  • yayQuery
  • The Groovy & Grails Podcast
  • Software Engineering Radio
  • IT Conversations
  • Illegal Argument
  • NPR's Future Tense
  • Security Now
  • This week in Google
  • FLOSS Weekly
  • The Basement Coders
  • Stack Overflow Podcast (no new podcasts, but most of the podcasts are timeless)
  • Bruce's "Thinking in Code" series of interviews
  • User Interface Engineering Podcast (every developer should listen to this one, even those not working directly with UI).

In the "know the competition" category:
  • .NET Rocks (selected interviews)
  • Hanselminutes (selected interviews, like the one with Josh Marinacci)

Fun Science podcasts:
  • StarTalk Radio Show by Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Scientific American
  • NPR: Science Friday
  • RadioLab (really amazing content, equally amazing what they do with sound in the interest of teaching)

Other fun podcasts:
  • EscapePod (High quality Science Fiction Short Story podcast)
  • The Memory Palace (amazing short historical stories; changes the way you see history)
  • The moth - live stories.
  • NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Podcast
  • This American Life

Haven't checked it out yet, but comes highly recommended:
  • For Good Reason