Coding Rodeos

You don't have to do a dojo in your group; you can tackle something more challenging. If you choose to do a dojo, the goal is to try something simple and work through it slowly so everyone understands all the details and crannies. An expert is not required for a dojo; it is a group learning experience.

Double-check on the mailing list if you are intending to go to one of these -- sometimes a session description is left over from the previous year.
  • Bruce's House (107 Whiterock): Google App Scripting. Discovering and exploring this powerful tool that enables you to automate Google Apps. No experience necessary.
  • Yellow House (127 Maroon): Android 
  • Upstairs (I) at the Parish Hall: Awesome HTML5 video player
  • Upstairs (II) at the Parish Hall: Play 2, Grails, Heroku
  • Downstairs at the Parish Hall: (Scala/F#/Clojure (Functional) Koans)
  • Couches at the Blue Moon Bookstore: Fantom/Gosu
  • Maroon Bells (325 Maroon) Moved to Parish Hall due to popular demand
  • Posse House - 213 3rd: Tor and Dick's excellent Android adventure