Barbecues at Bruce's

Every night (except progressive dinner night) during the conference you can show up at Bruce Eckel's house (see map) with something to cook or barbecue, and use the kitchen and grill to make dinner. I started doing this years ago when I became tired of restaurants (we have good ones in Crested Butte, but I get tired of going to restaurants in general). I find the barbecues much more relaxing and it's far easier to be social and produce interesting discussions. I don't think I've gone to dinner at a restaurant during a conference in years.

So feel free to drop by and cook and hang out. I have a well-equipped kitchen. I also have a thorough selection of condiments. Therefore:

Please don't buy new condiments because you think I might not have it. I'm well-stocked, and would rather not have random extra stuff left behind. In the unlikely event that I don't actually have something, it's a quick bicycle ride (even in winter -- I have studded snow tires) to pick something up. So please restrain your impulses when you want to buy condiments!