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Airport Shuttle Info

Alpine Express Airport Shuttle

 A round trip reservation from Gunnison to CB is $63.  They also serve the Montrose airport.

NOTE: Reservations MUST be made in advance.

Specialty Services

Reservations: 970-901-6400


Private transportation; The have two 4WD Chevy Suburban will each hold six passengers plus luggage. Will stop at stores in Gunnison for groceries etc. Round trip is $245 regardless of number of passengers (significantly cheaper than Alpine Express if you get 6 people!).

They can pick up from any airport in Colorado, including Montrose ($450 round trip, regardless of number of passengers) or Denver (1080$ round trip, ditto).

They also pick up and deliver groceries from Gunnison: 79$ to shop and deliver.

If you're going very low-budget, you can take the RTD bus which runs between Gunnison and Crested Butte. Definitely less convenient than the shuttle; you have to walk for a few blocks with your bags and then wait for it. Bruce recommends the shuttle.