Airline Tips

  • (Apparently Hipmunk doesn't always show real flights into Gunnison).
  • Economist article and Yahoo article about getting the best airfares.
  • is a great site for quickly finding and comparing airlines. Try it!
  • Frontier Airlines is a discount airline with its home in Denver, so you'll find the most flights (almost always nonstop) from anywhere to Denver via Frontier. Because it's a discount airline it doesn't show up on the airline search sites; you have to go to the Frontier site directly.
  • Southwest Airlines flies into Denver now. It is also a discount airline and so does not show up on airline search sites.
  • United Airlines has a hub in Denver, so it also tends to have good rates and flights. United also flies from Denver to Gunnison (multiple flights per day; in the winter, an additional 757 per day). In the winter, American Airlines flies one 757 per day from Dallas to Gunnison.
  • From Europe, British Airways has a nonstop from Heathrow to Denver. Lufthansa has direct flights between Denver and Frankfurt, and Denver and Munich.
  • The cost of the flight from Denver to Gunnison can vary dramatically depending on the season and other factors. In the winter there is typically one 757 per day from both Denver and Dallas (as well as smaller planes during other times of the day), which tends to be a more reliable flight. Once you register, you can post to this event's newsgroup to form carpools to drive up from Denver rather than flying, if you choose (this is an especially good choice in the summertime; the drive is quite beautiful).
  • If you fly into Gunnison, you don't need to rent a car (the town of Crested Butte is small and walkable). For the shuttle from Gunnison to Crested Butte, you can make reservations directly on the Alpine Express Shuttle website.
  • Here are three sites recommended by Fast Company magazine to help get better deals:
    1. Farecast
    2. FareCompare
    3. Yapta