Javafx Tutorial Guide

Javafx Tools Guide

Javafx is designed to provide sophistication GUI features for smooth web view, animation, video playback, audio and style based CSS. Swing was highly effective for more than ten years to build graphical UIs and used this toolkit to add interactivity to the applications of java. However, nowadays some popular GUI features are not possible to implement with swing. Here are some of the sections explained that can assist developers to cater their modern requirements.


It is an XML based language that aids developers in creating UI in the application of Javafx diverse from incorporating the app logic. When it comes to swing it never offered any declarative approach to develop such UI. The method to create UI is suitable for creating scene graph because it is clearer in FXML. Using FXML developers can easily maintain the UI that are extremely complex.

Javafx Tutorial For Beginners

Scene builder

This tool is used to create the applications layout. Using this tool is very easy you just have to drag and drop the components of UI to the content pane and Javafx scene builder is going to generate code that afterwards can be utilized in IDE like eclipse and netbeans.

CSS support

CSS known as cascading style sheets controls the elements of UI. The usage of this tool in the applications is similar to the CSS in the HTML language. With CSS developers can easily develop themes nada also customize them for the scene graph items and controls. Using CSS also enables developers to separate the application logic from the settings of the visual appearance.  It can also further maintain the looks of the application and also provides huge benefits when it comes to performance.


Animation can bring modern looks and dynamics to the application interface. Animation objects are also available in Swing, but these are not straightforward. Javafx offers animation easily and there are specifically created APIs for this purpose in Javafx.

HTML content

Swing developers always wanted to get hold on the ability to render the HTML content in the applications of JAVA. But it was not possible until Javafx came into existence. Now it has come to life and there is a UI component that is having full browsing and web view functionality.

This Javafx Guide is helpful for those who are starting with the Javafx training. These are the most important tools of the Javafx platform which made the UI functionality of Java apps possible. More Info