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... dedicated to those learning this unique language.

For me JavaFX is unique because there is no such language compared to it. Many see it only as Sun's champion in the ongoing RIA battle with Adobe and Microsoft.

Well, maybe it is. I don't know the original reasons JavaFX or F3 was started. What I do know is that the programming language on its own is more advanced than meets the eye. Personally, I see it as the modernized successor to Java.

Examples of features the language has out of the box:
  • Type inference - In most cases we don't have to specify the types of variables any more.
  • Closures - Yes sir ! JavaFX does support a function type, which can be used as closures too. The good ol' Design Patterns have to be rewritten !
  • Multiple inheritance.
  • Data binding - Advanced ways of defining a dependency between variables and objects.
  • Object literals - Object can be initialized in one statement.
  • Leverages Java libraries. Heavy duty work can be done by embedding Java code. No need to rewrite Hibernate for JavaFX. :-)
  • An extensive package of graphical effects; accessible to mortals.
  • Scene graph model.
  • Etc...
The attachments in this page is sample code I wrote for a three-day course I'm giving to customers. Please feel free to download and experiment with it. For now they're all in compressed format. I hope soon I'll be able to write an exploded version of it.

Have fun !

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Jun 30, 2009, 12:23 PM
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