Java - Web Development

Who am I and why did I create this site in www?

I wanted to give my intention to you before I start with this webpage.

I am working in a Software Company and i had learnt so much of technologies that we have been using for Web Development to attract our Customers! Finally, yes we did with some backfires due to issues that we usually fix. Never mind it! That is not the agenda of my page.

Always i feel guilty that I am unable to deliver/transfer the knowledge much that i got! Hardly, I had very few chances to transform my knowledge; Of course, to my colleague and friends only. I was thinking of sharing to more people whom i have never met before! So i am gonna use the same technology - www!!!

I wanted to organize my thoughts that I have got in years into a single site and always I love Google and its products as my friends knows it! So, I obviously combined them and came to Google Sites to share my knowledge to my brothers and sisters or precisely my friends!

So, from the next page, I am going to say what i learnt and absolutely not what is given in textbooks. If I am wrong please leave a message and I will correct if I am wrong. This page is not meant for anyone who doesn't want Java. lol. :)

I love very few things in the world. God, Family, Friends, Humanity, Java, Knowledge sharing, etc. I feel that a Knowledge which is not shared/transferred is equal to nothing. Also, I have the same thoughts as Anton Chekhov as below:

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” - Anton Chekhov

So, where I am leading to and what I am trying to say? 

Stop this and go to next page to improve the knowledge if new else correct/share with me if you knew it. I am sure most of you will be better than me as God's creature! ..... 

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