The "Corn" project is set of java modules that aims to easy developers daily challenges by offering ready to use and plug-able modules. The project module source  codes are hosted in sourceforge.net  and also published in the maven central repository with "net.sf.corn" group id. The project modules are also licenced developer friendly "Apache Licence v2" licence, thus modules can be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects. 

    Gate is designed for services (or call API if yo like) development in Java. Various ways are enabled to access services including Json Rpc, GWT Rpc, REST, Local.
Built-in security, cache, memory sharing, registry, 3th party binding (Spring,EJB,WS,...) are all ready to use features of Gate. Although its useful for any kind of java application , Web Applications are most beneficiaries.

             A simple but powerful classpath scanner to find both resources and classes (including annotated classes, interface implementations,...) in your classpath. It can be used in both JEE and J2SE projects.
            Http client is designed make http requests from java clients to web servers as plain requests and form requests. Since authentication requirements are supported you can make requests to secured web resources behind the proxies. It supports multiple clients make requests simultaneously with different security credentials. 
            Converter module contains bidirectional java type converters to different target types like JSON. Again it's simple, flexible and powerful enough satisfy serialization, de-serialization requirements.
            Exception module offers helpers to simplify exception building and catching process in Java. i18n support for exception messages and event-driving exception processing capabilities are comes with the module.