You have been given the task of constructing  Superposition station, a space station in the middle of nowhere.  Your ship is equipped to do this by picking up boxes of cargo that are floating in space, and dropping these boxes and top of the station.

Level 1

 when you first arrive on site, Superposition station consists only of a spherical shell.  Collect 2 cargo boxes and return them to the station to complete the level.  press A to pick up a box and D to drop the box when you are over the station.  your ship is small so it can only carry one box at a time

Level 2

Now that the first part of the station is done, you have attracted the attention of robotic drone ships that do not want you building in their space. You must fight them off and collect 4 cargo boxes for the station.  Because the station is incomplete, you must return the boxes within 4 minutes and 12 seconds, or the station will suffer a decompression failure.

Level 3

Now that the station is complete, you must collect nuclear material to fuel the nuclear reactor.  3 more robots have arrived to try and stop you.  As you bring nuclear material to the station, it will start to decay, so you must move quickly to fill the reactor before the existing material decays


Left / Right arrow: turn left / right

Up arrow : accelerate

A: pick up cargo

D: drop cargo

W: fire weapon

P: pause game


To play the game, download and run this file