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  1. Download JauntePE030AlphaNB19.zip (1.68 MB) Mirror
  2. Download JauntePE051Runtimes.zip (1.62 MB) Mirror
  3. Download JauntePE051RuntimesUC.zip (1.64 MB) if you want Unicode support Mirror
Note: JauntePE 0.5.x ANSI runtimes are compatible with JauntePE 0.3.0 toolset. JauntePE 0.5.x Unicode runtimes however are not compatible with JauntePE 0.3.0 toolset

Other Release of JauntePE

If you need the older version or incomplete release for testing purpose, they are available in the Other Release page

JauntePE Readme

Here is the jauntePE readme.html documentation formatted as an e-book. Thanks to Napiophelios and joby_toss for the effort