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 There are some things I enjoy, and one thing I am passionate about. This site is set up so I can share these things with you.

My passion is to tell people about Jesus Christ. I have set up a page with cool links and information about Jesus. Be sure to visit and take the "Good Person Test" on the first link.

I also have some hobbies. Check out my hobby page and learn more about what I enjoy doing.

Hi everybody! here's a link to a website that i'm an editor of check it out!


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Hi every body this is my chat box (I have one on every page) where you can do chat on my website please email me and tell me how you like it(scroll down to see my email address). Hi every body if you visit this URL the chat box does not work at that URL but if you visit this URL it will work need a Google account to do this chat sorry if you don't have one, but if you don't have one you can make one with this link:make a Google account

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Hello don't say inappropriate words because I am 8 and if you do I will report you and by you I mean everyone that uses this chat box.

Hi every body do you like Polar Express? Answer this question by going to good examples of life.

Any questions and/or s? Please email us. please nothing but questions, and comments. 

Did you notice the sorter website name? well if you have a website and you want to get a sorter URL or just want to change it well Here is a place to get a free URL name .CO.NR

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if you go all the way up you will see how many people have visited but the one below is on that cuonts the people that are on the website now so  here it is below.
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