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This is a personal web site that maintained by myself. Within this site you will find a collection of software written by myself, and more...



About Me

I'm a science fiction movie fan, and i used to like to collect DVD movies.
I like cartoon animation, no matter hand-drawn or computer-generated, the story is the key.
I like to read and write well structed program source code, they are beautiful.
I like music, both Classic and Pop, if they are made by heart.
I like to play well designed computer games.
I also play a little bit of Chess with the Computer.
My favorite IDE: MS Visual Studio.
Proficiency in C/C++ programming language. Have used C/C++ extensively for a variety of projects. Comfortable with reading and modifying others' code, as well as designing new applications and libraries.

Important announcement!Please read it first.

Some of these software (my projects) currently are just for personal use only, you can view its source for your personal, non-commerical use, or research use. but under any circumstances you can't change it or distribute it to others without my permission. you also can't use part (or all) of source or the executable program in your program without my confirmation. All rights reserved. If your using of these programs raised any problem or harm to you, no matter implicit or explicit, no matter directly or indirectly, i will NOT responsible for it.

My Blog

Please make sure to check out my Blog at jasonyang9.blog.163.com

Contact Information

Email: jasonyang9@163.com

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