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Welcome to My Classroom

My goal as a high school teacher is to prepare my students for their future. I want to create an environment through projects, group-work, and hands-on-experiences to help students become successful in and out of the classroom. Organization is the key to my classroom and will be seen in activities, lessons, handouts, due dates, and any other actions.

I strive to be involved in both the school and community and hope my students value the importance of civic involvement. I want to bring the community and current events into any class I teach, be it World Geography, Computer Applications, or even Marketing. Involvement is the key to success and understanding, in not only school but also in life. If I can push my students to be involved and can relate topics to their lives, they will be better able to understand themselves, appreciate their unique talents, and find their own place in my classroom and in the real world.

I want my students to enjoy the classes I teach and come to class excited to learn and experience new things. Through organization, the use of technology, constant discussion, group activities, consistency, efficient planning, and establishing a challenging environment, I hope to create success for each and every one of my students.