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Student Work

Located below is work completed in my Computer Applications I and II classes from the past few semesters. The current Computer Apps. II students are working on creating their own portfolio about themselves and creating a place to showcase their work that has been completed for not only my class but also for other classes.

Austin, Luke, and Brandon PSA

This is a public service announcement completed by a group of three students last year. This was an exceptional project that met all of the requirements: video, text, voice, music, and a still image.

Nan and Austin Stroke Video

Here are two videos done by two different groups that I have integrated into one video created for a contest about Stroke Awareness. The second video took 5th throughout the state of Michigan but I thought both groups did a great job with their videos.

Morgan Pure Northern Michigan

My students had to create a "Pure Michigan" video about any area of the state that they were familiar with. Living in northern Michigan, this student chose to do it about our region of northern Michigan from Kalkaska to Traverse City to Elk Rapids to Torch Lake.

Here is a link to a website created by a Computer Apps. II student about our Kalkaska Softball Program.

This link was for a website created by a student for Safety First Motorsports, a local business, that they currently use to showcase their business.

This is a project done in a Physics (opens as a separate document) class by one of my former students who learned how to do these formulas in my Computer Applications II class. The project will open as a Word document.

Here is a PowerPoint presentation created in my Computer Applications class by a student who was researching a career in PR and Advertising (opens as a separate document). She is actually going to Ferris State University and is going into the Business Department there.

In this example a student used Prezi to create a presentation about the history of a certain technology and he chose to focus on how communication has evolved.

Lastly, students created a Prezi about their life. This was an exceptional one created by a senior who excels on the computer.