My Vision

In the next marking period, I hope to be able to begin displaying my students work on the web for multiple reasons. I think it is important for my students to showcase what they have done in my classes. I will attempt this action by starting small with just my Computer Applications II students this next marking period. I plan on having them create a website using to place all of their work they have created in my class. Some of the projects they have done thus far in Computer Apps. II include the following:
  • Resume/Cover Letter
  • Photo Editing
  • Music Editing
  • Digital Stories
  • Compare/Contrast School Websites
  • Professional Business Letter
  • Persuasive Essay about a form of technology
  • Magazine Cover about their life
We will be doing more work throughout the upcoming semester but I want them to spend a few weeks developing their e-portfolio. One of the first steps will be for me to send home a parent permission slip allowing their students work to be posted online.

One of the major reasons I would like to do this is so my students can access their work at a later date. Every year, our technology director deletes everything in their personal drive and this allows them to access their work from any location at any time. If they want to update anything or use it for some reason in either college or to showcase what they have done on the computer this is a great way for them to access their information.

Another reason for having them create their e-portfolio is to showcase it to possible employers, colleges, or trade schools. This e-portfolio can demonstrate their knowledge and experience in using the computer and different programs such as Windows Movie Maker, Picassa Photo Editor, Audacity, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel among others.

This will also be a large part of their exam and will demonstrate to me their use of the programs we cover in the class. This will act as a final wrap-up for the class and they will present this e-portfolio to myself, one administrator, and one other student from Computer Applications II. This final portfolio will showcase all of their work and show me that they have mastered the skills needed to use these programs. 

I will also put a link to their portfolios on our school website (if our technology coordinator and administration will allow it) for the public to view. I think by showcasing their work to others the students will strive to do their best work and create a final portfolio that stands out and demonstrates their knowledge of the programs and applications used in class.