Consulting and Speaking

My expertise in the following areas can help your organization as well as with personal coaching.  Please contact me through any of the means listed on the home page regarding any consulting engagements.

Education Services
I can work with your school's staff and administration in the areas of professional development for technology integration, controlling and mining information, and data collection.

K-12 Technology Integration
There are several issues with technology integration.  While some are external to the teacher (access to technology, the reliability of the technology, etc.), the most important factors deal with the teachers themselves.  Part of the problem is teacher training and professional development.  I can work with groups of teachers to not only provide training on tools and techniques, but to help them develop their own personalized learning network, a streamlined way to search and sort the abundance of information on teaching with technology (most of which is garbage).  Teachers also need to revisit the concepts of instructional design and development, especially in light of all the new tools available to them.  Many teachers remember the preachers (Dewey, Bloom, Keller, etc.), we've just forgotten the sermons!

Reusable Learning Objects (RLO)
Let's say you want to train your staff on a particular topic, but you don't have time to build it into the PD schedule.  Let's also say that it is more informational in nature and does not require much in the way of reflection and collaboration among your staff (i.e., like technology integration).  RLOs are short web-based modules that can be adapted and modified to fit your district's needs.

Performance Improvement
Performance improvement is a general term for using non-instructional interventions for gains in performance.  Simply put, it is the use of strategies other than training to improve the performance of your staff.  This type of consulting requires the consultant to become intimately involved with the day-to-day operations of the organization, looking for simple and high-leverage solutions that do not require instruction.

Data Collection and Student Growth

I have been working with school districts and individuals in trying to figure out how to approach the quagmire that is teacher evaluations.  Since my state of residence has no real clear guidelines or directions on how to evaluate teacher effectiveness, I can use an approach geared toward identifying specific student needs, targeting a group of students, and developing methods for demonstrating student growth with an emphasis on closing achievement gaps within a building. 

Teacher Reflection and Facilitation
By recording teachers in action, I can facilitate group teacher reflections sessions to promote teacher growth.  Research has shown that teachers who are able to reflect critically on their teaching, particularly with being able to correctly analyze student thinking, leads to increased student outcomes (see research on the STeLLA project as  As a neutral third-party, I can mitigate concerns regarding recording teachers and teacher evaluations by providing an environment where reflections are shared in confidence.

Strategic Foresight Services
In today’s world, being able to anticipate change can mean the difference between success and survival. A foresight professional can help you steer your organization through the waves of sudden change by providing the knowledge and the know-how to look beyond the horizon, helping the organization to see beyond their immediate environment, making the surprising seem like “not a big deal.” Can we predict the future? Absolutely not. Foresight consultants can, however, help your company understand what is possible, plausible, and preferable.

Environmental Scanning
Your organization knows what it does, and understands the immediate environment. An environmental scan can provide your company with the latest information about the global environment—the social, technological, political, environmental, and economic changes that can affect your organization.

Scenario Development
While we cannot predict the future, we can paint a picture of what the future may bring.  These scenarios are based on what is expected to happen, the assumptions and uncertainties that are associated with the expected, and the probabilities and impacts if those assumptions prove incorrect.  The benefits of using scenarios is to get leadership to think about the world in different ways.  That exercise alone can improve organizational decision-making.  Beyond the scenarios themselves, I can play active role in STEERING your organization toward your preferred scenario. There is no such thing as utopia, and it is important that companies understand the advantages and drawbacks of their preferred future, and work to minimize the difficulties while accentuating the positive aspects of that preferred future.

Strategic Planning
I can help you develop a strategic plan for your company. I will work with you to make a living document, not just a large binder that will collect dust once completed. This is a process that requires as much involvement from the organization as it does the consultant.  Often the benefit of strategic planning is not in the document, but in the thought processes that go into developing the product.

I will work with everyone in your organization to develop a mission and vision for your company. The mission is the core statement for your company’s operations. The vision is the dream or image that your company drives for.  Put differently, the mission comes from the brain, but the vision comes from the heart.