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Xtranormal is a huge time sink.  There's a lot of funny stuff out there.  However, I did find it useful as an introduction tool to pique the interest of my students and colleagues.  Please note that as of 8/1, Xtranormal is no longer functioning.  I did, however, make YouTube videos of some of the content I created.

This first movie was the intro for a wiki we had set up for doctoral students in our program (note: the wiki was deleted, but I kept the movie on file).  

YouTube Video

The second movie was an introduction to a project I had my students do using Xtranormal to create an artifact that demonstrated their knowledge of chemistry topics.  The students had to come up with a meaningful conversation between two people about the topics (as opposed to a lecture).  They had a blast with it, and did a great job with adding an element of creativity to the script.

YouTube Video