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Slidecasts are a way to capture or prerecord lectures and sync them with PowerPoint.  I've done this on several occasions to provide an opportunity for students to see and hear a lecture from an online course, as well as to provide a reference for students to use for review.  I have also given my students projects that involved creating their own lectures using Slideshare.  (NOTE:  As of April 2014, Slideshare will not longer support audio on their presentations.  As such, these will become straight presentations.)

I had the experience to co-teach a course on using the Internet in the classroom with my doctoral advisor in the winter of 2012.  As opposed to using the traditional LMS (in our case, Blackboard), the course was designed so that the instructors would model all of the tools we were teaching.

This slidecast is on simple statistics (mean, median, mode, and range) that I show to my students in Environmental Chemistry.

Finally, this slidecast was a project for an online course on evaluation.  Of all my slidecasts, this one is the most downloaded, with over 30K downloads.