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Google Script For Data Collection

UPDATE 6/20/2014:  Google has changed some things in relation to scripts, add-ons, and the script gallery.  Therefore, the instructions may not work right now.  If I have time, I will update to fix errors.

Like many of the things I've put in this section, I am by no means an expert in coding.  What follows probably doesn't fall under the category of 'elegant'; however, it does work!  This is a modification of work done by the good folks at District 207 in Ridge Park, IL:  Dr. Henry Thiele, Mark Ordonez, and Janice Cacciatore (original link can be found here).  Their picture shows a rough sketch of how you can use Google Scripts embedded within a Google Spreadsheet to create reports of data collected via a Google Form.


This is a quick, one-minute video putting the above chart into action.

Using Google Scripts for Data Collection and Dissemination

In my sample documents, I have created a Google Form that acts as a teacher evaluation form for an in-class observation.  For the sake of example, I used one domain of Charlotte Danielson's teacher evaluation model.  (Note:  this is NOT an endorsement of a particular style of classroom observation, NOR is it an endorsement of the Danielson Group.)

I have added several features from the original work of the District 207 group, which took form data and created a folder collection of Documents a la Mail Merge.  I added two features.  First, my script enables the user to generate single reports.  Second, there is also an option to send the report to a recipient.

Sooooo, if you're an administrator in a district that uses Google Apps for Education, you can conduct your teacher evaluations on Google Forms, create evaluation reports, and email teachers with a copy of their report!  And you don't have to purchase separate observation software for your tablet!!!!!!!!  If you're a classroom teacher, you can use this to collect data in class and send reports to students and possibly parents!

Below is a link to a shared Google Drive folder containing all of the necessary documents (make a copy of the documents for your own use/modification).  In addition, there is also a link to a set of step-by-step instructions (that heavily plagiarize the original work, but since I give them attribution, I guess it's not really plagiarism ;-) that guide you through the process.