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I took an introductory course in Flash in the Winter 2010 term.  It was pretty interesting.  I have not kept up with it, and therefore would probably have to relearn it all over again.  But I would have to say that programming does not scare me; in fact, I do rather enjoy it.  I was programming in BASIC back when I was 5 on both an old TI computer as well as the trusty old Commodore 64.  I do find myself in Csikszentmihalyi's "flow" when I've been programming or know, when you look up after an hour and realize that it's been three?  Anyway, here is some of my material.

The first project was a card that we had to create individually.  Sappy, I know.

The second project was a group project designing a game using Flash.  I was not the lead programmer on this project, but I was responsible for some of the programming.  I fell into the project manager role and tended to steer the ideas of the group into one coherent thought.  The .swf file has a few bugs, but the game was meant to teach middle school students the concept of leaving a proper tip and how to calculate the tip correctly and efficiently.