Assistant Professor of  
Educational Technology
Grand Valley State University

About Me

As my title states, I am currently an Assistant Professor at GVSU.  In my prior life, I was a high school biology and chemistry teacher at Clarkston High School in Clarkston, MI.  I completed my doctorate in 2012.

My current research interests involve online and blended learning at the K-12 level.  I am beginning to explore how we can support students enrolled in online and blended courses using targeted supports based on their beliefs on technology self-efficacy, achievement, risk-taking (the good kind - in classrooms, willingness to possibly be wrong, etc.), and organization.

Another research interest involves the use of games as an instructional tool.  Constructionist philosophy believes that learning occurs through building an authentic artifact; thus, it is through the construction of the game (rather than playing the game) where learning occurs.  I am investigating the use of MS PowerPoint as a game design tool.  While MS PowerPoint is not a programming language or design software, it is ubiquitous in schools, and students need little to no training to use it to construct games (the only additional knowledge students may need is how to add and use the action button feature).

I also have a Master's in Futures Studies from the University of Houston, a degree that emphasizes foresight strategy, visioning, and scenario development.