Jason Debates the Issues at the Hernando Today Forum 10/11/2012

Jason's Governing Philosophy

More Liberty, Less Government

Many generations have come and gone since Hernando County’s initial birth in 1843. With every generation came a new set of laws to govern them. We now have laws controlling every facet of our individual lives. It is my firm belief that this nation was originally founded in order to release the full potential of free men and women. Our founders knew that the only purpose for government at any level should be simply to protect those inalienable Rights granted to us by our Creator. Those Sacred Rights include but are not limited to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We now find ourselves at a crossroads. Do we continue down the path that sees no end to senseless regulations, taxes and statutes? Or, do we choose to do what our founder’s did when they founded this great nation? I choose the latter. Whenever a decision comes before me to increase government control upon our people I will vote “No” on your behalf. Whenever a decision comes before me that will increase the Liberty of our people to do as they see fit as long as they do not affect the safety and security of their neighbor, I will vote “Yes”. It’s that simple. Noah Webster wisely said in his 1828 Dictionary of the American English language that, “Liberty is abridged where government exists.” We need government, but we need it to do only those things that we ask it to do and nothing more.

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