"Everything I do will be to co-create a society where we all benefit from the full potential of each other."

Kia orana koutou
Ko Jason Ataera toku ingoa, 
ko pua apii au.

As a leader,  my first responsibility is to build the capacity of people.  This includes students, staff, our community and myself.  I firmly believe that you cannot inspire others beyond that which has inspired you, so constant personal reflection and growth is essential in any position, especially in leadership.  My constant goal is to grow great people, not just great students.  This is an ethos I live and encourage others to do the same.  You will see this reflected not only professionally, but also personally, making sure I make time for my family.  There is no work / life balance, it's all life. 

"People don't care what you know until they know that you care (John Maxwell)." This is the crux of my personal leadership style.  No matter what we are trying to achieve we are doing it with people and everyone needs support, especially through change.  So often in my experience the key difference between success and failure of an initiative is how the people have been catered for as individuals throughout the process.

I am a person who immerses themselves in the culture and life of the school and greater educational community. I also believe I have a responsibility to the wider education sector.  If you truly believe, what you are doing is "best practice", you have a responsibility to share this with others and let them make it their own.

Having taught in Wellington and Rarotonga for 12 years, I look forward to continuing the challenging and rewarding work school wide leadership provides.