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Master's of Science (MSc) program
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Space Development
Space Human Factors and Habitat Design
Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS)

Bachelor's program
University of California, Berkeley
Space Development
City Planning

Research and interests
Space human factors and habitat design, environmental control and life support systems (ECLSS), asteroid mining and space development, planetary and genetic engineering, cognitive psychology and behavioral neuroscience, transportation planning and engineering, urban design and city planning, refugee settlements and informal housing, public health policy, public interest media and information design, user experience and human-computer interaction, alphabet and writing system reform, performance management and operational efficiency, systems design, behavioral economics and choice architecture

Google, Mountain View (2003–2007)
Facebook, Palo Alto (2007–2011)
Square, San Francisco (2011–2012)
North Korean aid, public interest media, regional governance reform, writing systems, bullying prevention