Wiimote Presenter Manual
Wiimote Presenter Version 0.2

This manual explains the options available in the Wiimote Presenter program. The program was initially created to use the Wiimote with PowerPoint presentations. Wiimote Presenter can be used for pointer control of the computer with the infrared camera on the Wiimote and a single near-infrared source (a single lit candle will be adequate). The LEDs and vibrate abilities of the Wiimote can be used for PowerPoint presentation timing. The program is free to download and use, there are no warranties or guarantees.

Connecting the Wiimote to your computer can be different depending on the Bluetooth drivers you have installed, and is not covered in this manual. There is information on the internet about connecting your Wiimote to your PC. This program requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 (or later) to be installed.


Loading files
Saving files
IR mouse
Known bugs
Future additions

Loading files

Files for the Wiimote Presenter can be loaded by clicking the Load... button. The file is a text file with the name of the control, a comma and the value loaded into that control. For example a file may contain the following line:

   combo_A,WP40 Toggle IR pointer enable

The control combo_A is the name of the combo box for button A, the value WP40 Toggle IR pointer enable is the item that will be entered into the combo box for button A (see the buttons section for further information).

Saving files

Once the parameters have been set, a text file can be saved to keep the settings for future use by clicking the Save button.


All of the buttons (except the power button) on the Wiimote can be mapped into either keypress actions, mouse click actions, or special functions.

To choose an action on a Wiimote button press, select an item from the relevant combo box, or enter in the code manually.

Keypress events

The first 4 characters in the button combo box are read, if the first two characters are "0x" or "0X" then the button will be assigned to a keyboard press event. The value entered after "0x" must be an 8-bit Hexadecimal value. Everything after the first 4 characters are ignored (except for some special functions like multiple keypress). A complete list of the keycodes can be found at MSDN Virtual Key Codes. When the relevant button on the Wiimote is pressed, the program sends a keydown event. When the relevant button is released on the Wiimote, the program sends a keyup event.

The table below is a list of most of the virtual key codes that can be used in the Wiimote Presenter program.