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   WiimotePresenter ver 0.3

   Source Code ver 0.3

   WiimotePresenter ver 0.2

   Source Code ver 0.2

   WiimotePresenter ver 0.1

   Source Code ver 0.1


   Wiimote Presenter Manual


New release version 0.3 by Ingo Kitzmann with a number of useful improvements. Thanks Ingo for the enhancements including:

- cursor smoothing of the last 7 points
- exit program after the error message box if there is no wiimote
- the special code WP01 loads another parameter file (e.g. "combo_B,WP01 WiiP_Media.txt"). This is great when using the Wiimote as remote. This way you can switch to different parameters for different programs. The number of buttons is no limit any more.
- minimize to systray
- "-m" as commandline starts minimized

Wiimote Presenter was initially created to use the Wiimote with PowerPoint presentations. The program is free to download and use, there are no warranties or guarantees. Wiimote Presenter can be used for pointer control of the computer with the infrared (IR) camera on the Wiimote and a single near-infrared source. A single lit candle will be adequate for a IR source, however the flame can move around, so better pointer accuracy can be achived by using a stationary IR LED. Mike Burbridge suggested the use of "LED Throwies" which look perfect for the job.

The Wiimote LEDs and vibrate ability can be used for PowerPoint presentation timing. Up to four timers can be used, when each one counts down to zero, it will cause the Wiimote to vibrate and the associated LED will turn on. This lets the presenter know the timing without disruption to the presentation.

The accelerometer features of the Wiimote can also be put to use with this program. Actions can be executed by rotating the remote.

Wiimote Presenter is able to work with one or two displays with the IR mouse function. If Windows is extended over two monitors, the user is able to select which monitor the IR mouse can travel over, or get the IR mouse to travel over the whole extended desktop (ie over both screens).

The program was written in Visual C# 2008 Express and requires .NET 3.5. It has been tested and functions in Windows XP. The program may not be able to send keystrokes in Windows Vista to certain programs depending on security settings (I have not been able to test it in Vista).

System requirements:

Microsoft .NET 3.5
Bluetooth (must be compatible with the Wiimote)
IR source (lit candle or IR LED, only required for pointer function)

Below is a screen dump from the Wiimote Presenter program.

Further information can be found in the Wiimote Presenter Manual