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I am an Electronic Engineer living in Australia.

I made the video below about Homeopathy in the hope that some people will see it and apply critical thinking. Click here to watch it in High Definition. It took a couple of weeks to put this video together and I learnt how to use the 3D animation package blender in the process. (best viewed in HD

I was suprised by the misconceptions some people have about microwave ovens. I created this video below to respond to a number of the claims made by the people who fail to understand that food cooked in the microwave is not actually dangerous. In some cases it is better for your health than conventional cooking techniques.

I created this page to host the Wiimote Presenter program I wrote over the Anzac long weekend. I hope that people will find the program useful. I created it for using the Wii remote for PowerPoint presentations, but it can be used for more general applications.

Below is a video I made showing what the program can do.




P.S. I purchased this from my local supermarket, it was such good advice that I had to share it...

"Remove Prior to Microwave", that's a good suggestion.