Jason L. Megill


Teaching Materials:

Here is the syllabus for an introductory class in early modern philosophy.

Some teaching evaluation data can be found here.


Research Materials: 

The abstracts for my published papers are here.

To get an idea of what I'm working on now, see the abstracts for some of my papers in progress here.

This paper argues that epiphenomenalism is false.  It was a chapter of my dissertation.

This is a paper I am still working on; it was also a chapter of my dissertation.  I formulate an argument against dualism.

This  is one of my writing samples; I defend a physicalistic version of emergentism.           

Here is a draft of a paper that was eventually published in Locke Studies.  The paper discusses Locke's stance on the mind-body problem.

I have been very interested in philosophy of religion the last few years.  I published a paper (cowritten with Josh Mitchell) in Ratio on the modal ontological argument.  I have a forthcoming paper (cowritten with Evan Sandmark) in the European Journal of Philosophy of Religion that defends a version of the cosmological argument.  I'm also working on a new modal theistic argument and a paper on the many universes response to the problem of evil, among other things.  These papers are available upon request.