Jason L. Megill


I finished my Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Virginia in December 2008.  For the 2008-2009 academic year, I taught at the University of Colorado-Boulder.  During 2009-2010, I taught at Old Dominion University.   

My areas of specialization are philosophy of mind, early modern philosophy and philosophy of religion.  I am also interested in metaphysics and formal logic.                                                  

Some publications:

2009.  (with Josh Mitchell).  “A Modest Modal Ontological Argument.”  Ratio 22.3: 338-349.   

2007. “Naturalism, Physicalism and Epiphenomenalism.” Philosophical Psychology 20.6: 681-­686.

2005. “Locke’s Mysterianism: On the Unsolvability of the Mind-­Body Problem.” Locke Studies 5: 119-­148.

2005. (with Jon Cogburn). “Easy’s Getting Harder All the Time: The Computational Theory of Mind and Affective States.” Ratio 17.3: 306-­316.


A complete CV can found here.

Further job search materials, including a couple of online papers, can be found here.     

I have two kids, Chloe and Sawyer.             
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