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nlf3 - ride on a brand new time

rating: 8.5/10

: instrumental, experimental, indie, math rock, post-rock

sounds like: battles, el ten eleven, boards of canada, air, do think make say, tortoise

recommended first track: fuses apes & doppler
what's so good?
"just as you make your peace with that and settle down to be profoundly unsurprised, however, along comes 'fuses apes & doppler' which, despite its introduction prompting the thought that some mischief maker’s slipped moon safari into your player while you weren’t looking, proceeds to lift up and away into the stratosphere. held on its course by a lapping bassline and propelled by slowly building guitar tremolos, a real sense of tension – augmented by echoing vocal swoons – builds through the track’s first half" - drowned in sound

i know some of you instrumental junkies out there are going to love this album, because i know i am. it's rare that an instrumental band can thoroughly captivate my attention, but i honestly can't stop playing through this album. it's a perfect, upbeat zone-out album, full of creative twists and turns that'll have you thinking "oh, i think i've heard this before!" only to realize they've managed to do something completely new with it. perhaps the only downfall of this album is that, while the funky base lines and cool electronics provide thorough entertainment, one is often left feeling as if the songs aren't going anywhere. if you like the song i've posted above, check out their myspace for more! in particular, look for the song "shaadonga falls," which fluidly follows "fuses apes & doppler" on the album.