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joker's daughter - the last laugh [produced by danger mouse]

rating: 8.5/10

: folk, psych-folk, freak-folk

sounds like: laura gibson, nick drake, danger mouse

recommended first track: lucid
what's so good?
believe it or not, and this totally blows my mind, but danger mouse produced this album--and even tours with her, doing all the effects and whatnot on stage.

"while she riffs on redwoods and rainbows over delicate acoustic guitar, collaborator danger mouse adds whimsical synth whirs, lava-lamp rhythmic burbles and even actual grooves. like alice's wonderland, the world of joker's daughter is freakish and marvelous by turns, a perfect soundtrack for your next mushroom tea party" - rolling stone

totally bizarre freak folk, punctuated by medieval folk and the occasional, major hint of nick drake. it's interesting, to say the least, but i really wish that the song on her myspace, bouncing liquorish bears, was actually on the album. oh well! the other song on her myspace, worm's head, makes it pretty apparent where danger mouse has played a hand.