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bombay bicycle club - always like this

rating: 9.0/10

: indie, british, dancey

sounds like: say hi (to your mom), cajun dance party, vampire weekend, devendra banhart (vocals)

recommended first track: always like this
what's so good?
bombay bicycle club's "new single 'always like this' ...[is] a deliciously danceable number, with an almost afro-pop melodious riff that would make vampire weekend jealous. topped with bombay's typically quivering, devendra-esque vocals then, the track looks set to soundtrack the summer" - the music journal

would you look at how young these fine lads are?! just out of high school, they've wisely postponed college to work on their debut album, and if this single is any hint at what's to come, we're going to be in for a treat. i should add that the moment i heard this single, i rushed out and got their two other eps, and they haven't let down. check it, check it. i'll be keeping my ears posted for more news on them.