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The Headquarters of Judo

  • The Kodokan: This site has info on visiting for vacationers as well as an online gift shop. Here is a synopsis of the Kodokan: "The Kodokan Institute (講道館, Kōdōkan) is the headquarters of the judo world. Literally, kō means "to lecture" or "to spread information," dō means "the way," and kan is "a public building or hall," together translating roughly as "a place for the study or promotion of the way." It was established by Kanō Jigorō, the founder of judo in 1882, and is now located in an eight-story building in Tokyo, Japan. Judo is a derivative of jujutsu." 

Discussion Forums

Gis and Other Training Gear

  • The Judo Information Gear Links: The Judo Information Site did much of the work for me. Click on this link to find multiple suppliers and manufacturers of Judo uniforms and equipment

Friends of Smash Pass & Other Cool Judo Sites

  • Judo Calendar: Find Judo tournaments, clinics and seminars in your area. (United States of America Only)
  • Official Judo Information Site: Judo techniques, pictures, articles, links, glossary, dictionary, FAQ's, etc. All of your Judo needs can be found here. Can't remember the name of a throw, or other Judo related term/definition? Go here. Want to see a particular throw in either pictures or video? Go here.
  • Judo Vision: A collection of Judo competition videos. Awesome stuff.
  • The Judo Podcast: Features articles, videos, pictures and most importantly - audio interviews with prominent players in the sport. Visit this site and subscirbe to their broadcasts in iTunes.
  • Super Judo.tv: An awesome site of Judo videos, video techniques and news. A must see!

United States Judo Organizations

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