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  • IBJJF : International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. The rules of Sport BJJ can be found here. As well as graduation requirements, upcoming sanctioned tournaments (World Championships, etc.), results from previous sanctioned tournaments, photo galleries and more. Please support tournaments that follow the IBJJF rules and encourage those that don't to do so. A unified system is the best way to ensure tournament safety and consistency, and to someday get BJJ into the Olympics!

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Gis and Other Training Gear

  • BJJ HQ : One BJJ item on sale daily. The best deals on hard to find top quality BJJ gear. Gis, Rashguards, No-Gi shorts. It's all here, and on sale for 24 hrs only. Check the site daily to find the best deals on the hard to find items you've be looking for!
  • Martial Arts Supplies (MAS): MAS carries high end BJJ gis such as Isami, Manto, Tatami, Fuji & Vulkan. They also carry top quality rash guards and no-gi shorts. Check them out and save some $$.  
  • Padilla & Sons Kimonos : An American company making Top Rated gis. Voted best gi company by Smash Pass for Price ($), Construction, Durability & Comfort.

Friends of Smash Pass & Other Cool BJJ Websites

  • The Fightworks Podcast : A website that conducts Podcast Interviews with experts and prominent people in the sport of BJJ, and discusses topics relevant to the sport. Visit their site and subscribe to them in iTunes.
  • On the Mat : News, interviews, inside reports, a BJJ Wiki, gear, videos, discussion forums and more. A must have in your "Favorites" menu.
  • Takedowns 101: E-techniques, instructional videos, blogs, and links. A great site.
  • Global Training Report (GTR): A black horse in the realm of BJJ insight and info. A BJJ player (Roberto Pedreira, who also trains in Judo, Hapkido, Shooto, Karate, Luta Livre and Muay Thai) travels Brazil and Asia training at various academies and interviewing legends. Learn about the academies in Brazil and their nuances, their history and future here. Do not go to Brazil on a "BJJ Vacation" without first visiting this site!
  • Lock Flow: Techniques, articles, news and more.

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