Charity & Jason 
Jason and I met at Bear Lake for a "family" trip (mostly consisted of my family and dad's friends that are in the bountiful city jeep posse) Jason happened to tag along with one of my dads buddies. The first time he walked up to me, I wanted to know who this kid was and what he was doing at "our" Bear Lake trip. I was sitting on the roof of the bowery watching the stars like I have done every year when he came up to me and asked if I wanted a blanket, I told him yes and he decided to only bring 1 back for us to share (sneaky little man)! After spending the weekend together he asked for my number and I told him to look it up in the phone book (what was I thinking, I know!) he still claims that he looked for it, but I am convinced that he just got it from a family friend. The rest is pretty much history!