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FAQ & Abbreviations

Chick - Day old to 6 weeks old chicken
Pullet - Young point of lay female
Hen - Mature female
Cockerel - Young male
Cock - Mature male
Trio - 1 Cockerel and 2 Pullets or 3 Pullets
Pair - 1 Cockerel and 1 Pullet or 2 Pullets
POL - Point of Lay
L/F - Large Fowl
Q: Do I need a cockerel to get eggs?
A: No. You only need a cockerel if you want fertile eggs for hatching.
Q: Do I need one nest box per chicken?
A: No, chickens will share the same nest box. General rule of thumb is four chickens per nest box.
Q: Do all chickens lay eggs?
A: All hens lay eggs. The age they start laying, colour and size of egg depends on the breed.
Q: What is a pullet?
A: A pullet is a young hen, also known as a point of lay hen. The age of point of lay varies depending on the breed.
Q: For every egg I incubate (or place under a broody hen) will I get a chick?
A: No. Incubating eggs has so many variables before and during the process. It is not one egg in one chick out!
Q: What do I need to feed them (chickens)?
A: Chickens (hens) for egg production need to be fed layers pellets or layers mash. They should be fed this from 16 weeks old. Also some corn for them to peck at and greens. This gives them a balanced diet.
Q: How many eggs will I get?
A: This depends on the breed and age of the chicken, but be upto 330 per year.
Please feel free to email me your poultry questions at info@chickenandeggs.co.uk