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                     Also  tutoring English as a second language.
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You may also visit www.jasonalster.com      Find suggested resources as mentioned 
in the book  / video Being In Control     as well as Rainbow Cloud publications for improving learning and relaxed concentration. 

Being In Control is now also in KINDLE 

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Do You Feel Like You Are Not Meeting Your Real Potential????
Do You Feel Like The Only Thing Holding You Back From Being A Genius Is Exams????
Does Homework Make You Sick ?????
Do You Need Higher Grades To Get Into The University Of Your Choice?????
Do You Want To Increase Your Class Participation Naturally?
Do You Think The Idea Of Learning How To Learn Can Be For You????
Do you have ADHD , dyslexia , or test anxiety ?


Being In Control : Natural and holistic solutions for learning challenges.
Good for ASVAB , SAT , ACT , LSAT , GRE, undergraduate and graduate school exams.
Interview with Miss ADD on Blog Talk Radio. 

Interview with Kate Gladstone on handwriting and improving handwriting methods.
Kate Gladstone  talks about her new book on handwriting .


*One on one tutoring all ages for success in academics in Connecticut.
*Workshops for Leadership training and health and educational professionals.
* Video conferencing outside CT.
*Natural techniques for  self regulation and  relaxed concentration
* Speed reading, critical reading,  memory techniques, study skills , test taking strategies , time     management , organization of materials, composition, better penmanship, art creativity.  
Help with ADHD , Dysgraphia, and Test Anxiety.
New: A relaxation movie. "Relaxing Zen From Israel."



About Jason Alster MSc,
Award winning researcher in the fields of neuro-diagnostics , sleep - wake disorders , behavioral medicine,  Jason is also an expert in learning and study strategies.  He has helped hundreds of students over the past 20 years achieve success in school , naturally. His approach is holistic and combines relaxed concentration techniques , accelerated learning strategies and study strategies with coaching.  Jason is well rounded and is also an artist as well as an author and publisher. Jason gives many speaking engagements and workshops during the year. You may also visit www.jasonalster.com . 


Article-Being In Control:  The role of intergrative Biofeedback with accelerated learning strategies  in helping ADHD naturally.

Some of  the materials covered in the resources are :
Relaxed concentration
Seated Yoga
Relaxed breathing
Stress reduction techniques with live demonstrations
aromatic oils for relaxed concentration
Time awareness and management
Relaxation with all the senses ; sensory integration
Focusing games
Relaxed concentration games
Test Taking strategies
Study strategies
Speed reading
Better handwriting
Creativity boosters
PARENTS- " Don't Tell a child to be quiet or be still, rather ask them to do a short exercise."
Like the ones in the book or  video - "Being In Control."
For tutoring in the Central Connecticut area call Jason at 860-5939908
For online tutoring with video conferencing jasonalster@gmail.com
A minimum exam preparation course for improving learning skills and relaxed concentration is 12 hours.   Guaranteed results.
To purchase the 30 minute video/ book  "Being In Control Natural Techniques for Improving Your Potential for Success in School" / ( WMF ) format 35$. A hard copy of the book Being In Control - 40 pages is 20.00$  ( includes shipping and taxes) directly from me or through Amazon.com.
 Please contact directly for larger purchases as for a whole class. 
Natural techniques to help improve relaxed concentration in school , accelerated learning tips,  memory tips, speed reading, study strategies, time management, games, seated yoga and test taking strategies. All in easy to understand graphics for young students to enjoy. The original book "Being In Control" is one of the most successful books for helping ADHD naturally.

 NEW -video " Day to Day Memory Enhancement Techniques for Adults and Senior Citizens". With Amazon.com
Day to Day Memory Enhancement Techniques for Adults and Senior Citizens
RainbowCloud (Producer)
List Price: $20.00
46 minutes, NTSC
UPC: 887936921636
Easy to use memory enhancement techniques. Based on years of experience working in study strategies, memory enhancement workshops, and brain mind research. The live demo techniques will help you remember items, names, faces, numbers, dates, pass codes, recipes, lists, birthdays. By Jason Mark Alster MSc author of Being In Control : Natural Solutions for ADHD, Dyslexia , and Test Anxiety. A RainbowCloud Production.
CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/405098

To Purchase Creative Painting for the Young Artist 16$.
Deals with topics like  "artistic mode of seeing" being a creative artist ,  art critique , fear of mistakes and the Zen of Art.
To purchase " Anyone Can improve Their Own Handwriting" 25$. 
This is a 20 minute video that demonstrates handwritng problems , errors , solutions.  Based on 15 years of experience and hundreds of clients makes this video unique and full of information.  The original version " Anyone can Improve Their Handwriting" has over 55000 hits on YouTube, and was the first or one of the first handwriting videos ever  released.

 To order the video Zen for ADD ADHD 

To purchase Guide to GSR Biofeedback Techniques for the Natural ADHD Practitioner 40$ .


Jason Alster MSc 
107 Mapleside Dr .
Wethersfield , CT. 06109
Email for contact and verification
Tutoring rates vary and are usually 40$/ Hr. Slight additional fees for travel. 

Suggestions for relaxed concentration tools  and gifts for the natural learning student as shown  in the video 
" Being in Control"  and more!



Article about the video "Anyone Can Improve Their Own Handwriting" 

Anyone can Improve Their Own Handwriting.

Jason Mark Alster

    The college professor was giving back the English compositions homework and held mine up high. “This looks like you spilled ink on the paper and a chicken walked all over it”. I would have thought the joke funny except that it was my paper he was holding. Even though I received a B in my first college class ever, I felt less than a success. It was 1973, I was eighteen years of age, and it would be another 10 years before the personal computer debut and the word processor. It would be another 22 years before my handwriting improved.  Well let me place a caveat here, improved in English. My Hebrew handwriting was always adequate. I did not know why? Could it be that I wrote better from right to left than from left to right? Were my Hebrew teachers better than my English teachers?  Probably not, after all I also could not draw a straight line for the life of me.  In contrast, although I could never draw, my first painting in an art class was beautiful that’s because the teacher drew the sketch while I painted over it.

So the story behind helping people improve their handwriting began with me learning to paint and then improve my art. I was sitting in an art appreciation class in college. The art professor was showing slides of art throughout the ages. When he showed how art progressed from Egyptian pictographs to paintings rendered after the discovery of perspective during the renaissance period he said, and I quote “Art went through a transformation, and anyone can learn to paint.”  That’s when I almost fell off my chair. “Anyone can learn to paint???”  I thought you were “born” with artistic talent or you just didn’t have it.   Thus the future title “Anyone Can Improve Your Own Handwriting” that is if you are born with the sloppy handwriting you can still change. You are not destined to have poor handwriting all your life. 

 It took me years to learn to paint with perspective.  I could paint with color really well enough to give me pleasure and I eventually used pastels which is a medium for painters who like color. My first paintings turned out very impressionistic because I could not draw in perspective and my figures would look like they are floating in air.  Perspective cements figures down in space. Only till I happened upon a drawing course named “Drawing on the right side of the brain” after the famous book by Betty Edwards, did I finally “get it”.  I was now for the first time able to paint portraits, buildings, anything.  But my handwriting still left much to be desired.

But there was another process happening in parallel. I became a biofeedback therapist and learned many self regulation and relaxed concentration techniques. What was evident from biofeedback was the concept of plasticity in the human physiology. Man can change, self regulate. Again, you are not stuck with the mold, but can change, improve. So here I am, changing myself and changing my clients’ lives, but my handwriting is still a mess. Yet, now there is a difference, I became conscious that I could change myself, but was not able to change my handwriting. Where as before I might have convinced myself that my messy handwriting was a reflection of my psyche’, I no longer believed that.  I was Okay. My poor handwriting was just a technicality.

One more piece of the puzzle still had to occur before I could improve my own handwriting and eventually succeed in helping others. As a biofeedback therapist working with students who had ADHD and test anxiety, and many of those, not all by any means, had poor handwriting. I realized that in order for the student to succeed it was not enough for the ADHD students to improve their concentration, they had to catch up to the time lost in school if they were to truly shine. For me to help I personally had to “go back to school” and take exams and do homework with the students. That’s when I started teaching accelerated learning strategies. The grades shot up.  So there you have it, anyone can change and improve with the right tools. Now it was time to tackle the handwriting thorn for myself and my clients. After all, better handwriting could help my students get better grades. Now all the pieces came together. The biofeedback and seated yoga relaxation techniques helped students with pencil grip, ergonomics of sitting properly, and focus. The art techniques helped with learning to see negative spaces and shapes, and drawing a straight line, and self critique of their own handwriting. It helped turn penmanship into an elegant art. By tutoring students that neatness counts in essays on exams, in arithmetic equations and homework led me to correct the different types of penmanship challenges and errors.

Of note, once involved in trying to find solutions to improving penmanship in myself and my students, I started to become aware of penmanship both historically and professionally.  First of all, Ron Davis, the author of the book The Gift of Dyslexia (a term used for difficulties in reading and spelling with dysgraphic used specifically for writing) had come to Israel where I was living at the time and talked about his life experiences growing up with dyslexia and how he developed techniques for improving reading in dyslexics known as The Davis Technique. What really interested me was that he said dyslexics can become disorientated and stressed out when trying to read. This is something I noticed in ADHD students when they were trying to sit quietly. I also observed the effects that stress might have on handwriting handwriting.  Thus, the development of techniques for stress reduction related to handwriting.

Historically, I not only noticed the beautiful handwriting that many had in the ancient world and especially the old books and letters written in calligraphy. However, I also noticed when visiting Israeli museums that many ancient signet rings, writings in stone, coins, and engravings on burial sarcophagus looked like the authors were dyslexic. I noticed that the ancient words were not written on a straight line either. Where as, the Egyptian hieroglyphics were neat and on a straight line. I found this interesting because I had a math teacher that said there were no straight lines in nature. The straight line was discovered by man and used by the Egyptians and Greeks in geometry and measurement. In contrast, the writing on coins from Israel during the Greek and Roman period were neater and as if on a straight line. I actually asked Ron Davis from the audience if he thought the early Egyptians were dyslectic because they wrote in pictographs instead of using an alphabet. He was amused by the question. Anyways, if the Greeks did not conquer Egypt, we might not have any penmanship problems today because we would still be writing in pictographs.  In the end, I published three resources for improving handwriting, relaxed concentration, and art ability in children.  These are “Creative Painting for the Young Artist”; “Being in Control: Natural Solutions for ADHD, Dyslexia, and Test Anxiety”; and “Anyone Can Improve Their Own Handwriting”.









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