Dates of Our Lives


January 14, 1974* (aired): Hope
February 9, 1976* (aired): Jennifer
March 3, 1990: Chad
May 16, 2008* (aired): Joey
May 17: Victor
May 19, 1992* (aired): Brady
May 20, 2013* (aired): Arianna
May 29, 2003* (aired): Theo
June 17: Maggie
July 29, 1975: Lucas
August 17, 1953: Abe
August 26, 1950: Roman
October 7, 1956: Marlena
October 19, 1984* (aired): Eric
September 3, 2004* (aired): J.J.
September 27, 2005* (aired): Claire
October 19, 1992* (aired): Abigail
November 24, 2015 (aired): Thomas
December 21, 2016 (aired): Holly

Unknown: Kate, Nicole, Rafe, John, Paul, Kayla, Steve, Gabi, Andre, Deimos, Dario, Chloe, Sonny, Valerie, Jade, Eli, Tripp.
Notes: Birthdates based on various "Days" sources, as well as actual airdates of babies' births (denoted with "aired"), which were aired on the dates listed.
*- Hope, Jennifer, Eric, Abigail, Brady, J.J., Theo, Joey and Claire have been aged several years when the characters were recast with older actors.


5 couples are currently married on "Days." Here are the dates of their weddings.
1993 (off-camera): Doug and Julie Williams (third wedding)
November 8, 2011 (aired): Victor and Maggie Kiriakis 
March 15, 2016 (aired): Chad and Abigail DiMera
February 16, 2017 (aired): Steve and Kayla Johnson
June 13, 2017 (aired): Andre and Kate DiMera


Brady = Brady Victor Black
John = John Black (born Timothy Robicheaux)
Claire = Claire Brady
Eric = Eric Roman Brady
Hope = Hope Alice Williams Brady
Roman = Roman Augustus Brady
Abe = Abraham Washington Carver
Theo = Theodore Brandon Carver
J.J. = Jack Deveraux Jr. (originally born Jack Patrick Deveraux)
Tripp = Tripp Dalton
Abigail = Abigail Johanna Deveraux DiMera
Andre = Andre DiMera
Chad = Chad Michael DiMera
Kate = Katherine Elizabeth Roberts DiMera
Marlena = Marlena Evans
Eli = Eli Grant
Valerie = Valerie Grant
Dario = Dario Hernandez
Gabi = Gabriela Josephina Hernandez
Rafe = Rafael Alejandro Hernandez
Jennifer = Jennifer Rose Horton
Joey = Joseph Johnson
Kayla = Kayla Caroline Brady Johnson
Steve = Steven Earl Johnson
Deimos = Deimos Kiriakis
Maggie = Margaret Simmons Kiriakis
Sonny = Jackson Kiriakis
Chloe = Chloe Lane
Jade = Jade Michaels
Paul = Paul Narita
Nicole = Nicole Stella Walker
Lucas = Lucas Desmond Horton (rasied as Lucas Roberts)
Adrienne = Adrienne Josephine Johnson Kiriakis
Justin = Justin Alexander Kiriakis
Victor = Victor Kiriakis

Brady Black: John Black & Isabella Toscano.
John Black: Yo Ling & unknown mother.
Claire Brady: Shawn Brady & Belle Black.
Eric Brady: Roman Brady & Marlena Evans.
Hope Brady: Doug Williams & Addie Horton.
Roman Brady: Grandpa Shawn & Caroline Brady.
Abe Carver: Benjamin & Rita Carver.
Theo Carver: Abe & Lexie Carver.
Tripp Dalton: Steve Johnson & Ava Vitali.
JJ Deveraux: Jack & Jennifer Deveraux.
Abigail DiMera: Jack & Jennifer Deveraux.
Andre DiMera: Stefano DiMera & unknown mother.
Chad DiMera: Stefano DiMera & Madeline Peterson Woods
Marlena Evans: Frank & Martha Evans.
Eli Grant: David Banning & Valerie Grant.
Valerie Grant: Paul & Helen Grant.
Gabi Hernandez: Eduardo & Adriana Hernandez.
Dario Hernandez: Eduardo & Adriana Hernandez.
Rafe Hernandez: Eduardo & Adriana Hernandez.
Jennifer Horton: Bill & Laura Horton.
Joey Johnson: Steve Johnson & Kayla Brady.
Kayla Johnson: Grandpa Shawn & Caroline Brady.
Steve Johnson: Duke & Jo Johnson.
Maggie Kiriakis: Elmer & Dorothy Simmons.
Sonny Kiriakis: Justin & Adrienne Kiriakis.
Chloe Lane: Craig & Nancy Wesley.
Jade Michaels: Hal & Doris Michaels.
Paul Narita: John Black & Tori Narita.
Nicole Walker: Paul Mendez & Fay Walker.
Lucas Horton: Bill Horton & Kate Roberts.
Adrienne Kiriakis: Duke & Jo Johnson.
Justin Kiriakis: Alexander & Christina Kiriakis.
Unknown parents: Deimos Kiriakis, Kate Roberts.