Upcoming events




October 10—12—AGM Montreal—“Contexts, Conventions, Controversies in

Mansfield Park”


December 13--Columbia Club--Birthday Tea with vocal concert by Lisa Whitaker,

2 pm




Feb 15—Letters of Jane Austen (Deidre leFaye edition recommended)—Landaw

home, 2 pm


April 19—Jo Mader presentation on Historical background of Regency Period and

formal tea--Skooglund home, 2 pm


June 13--Saturday— Regency health and medicine—Indiana

Medical History Museum,  time tba


July—Louisville Festival or Crafts workshop


August 16—fund-raising auction and Georgette Heyer book discussion.  Bowers

Home, 2 pm


September 12--Saturday—Crafts workshop—Glendale Library, 2 pm


December (date and venue tba)—Birthday Tea with harpist and speaker on Regency composers,

            2 pm