Hooked on Jane Austen?  Let’s Talk!


                                    JASNA-IR (Jane Austen Society of North America--Indianapolis Region)

 Would you like to meet others right here in the Indianapolis area who share your interest in Austen, her writing, and her life?  If so, the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) may have the answer.

JASNA members are readers who enjoy Jane Austen’s fiction and come together to celebrate her genius.  Our 4,500 members, who are of all ages and walks of life, live in states and provinces across North America.  And, as a JASNA member, you can participate in the local activities of one or more of our 69 Regional groups in the United States and Canada.

The Indianapolis Region of JASNA meets throughout the year to share many pleasurable activities—discussing Jane Austen’s novels and other related publications; toasting Austen at a tea on her birthday (December 16); presenting or listening to lectures and discussions about her writing, life, and era; learning about and experiencing entertainments such as 19th century dancing, charades and other games; viewing Austen related films; and much more.

We welcome new members, whether you are reading your first Austen novel or have re-read her books many times.  You don’t need to be an Austen expert to feel at home in JASNA, though you may become one as you attend our meetings.

JASNA Region members must be members of JASNA.” This is a direct quote from the JASNA handbook, but our region has previously allowed those non-members who may be interested in joining JASNA to attend one or two meetings before requiring membership.  However, most people do not realize the advantages of membership in JASNA which are…

A  subscription  to  the  society'ʹs  newsletter,  JASNA  News,  published  three  times  a  year,  which   contains  book  reviews,  news  from  JASNA  regions,  feature  articles,  and  more    

A  copy  of  Persuasions,  JASNA'ʹs  annual  journal  and  a  preeminent  source  for  Austen  studies,   contains  essays  from  the  Annual  General  Meeting  as  well  as  articles  written  by  members  on   Jane  Austen,  her  family,  her  art,  or  her  times.  (Persuasions:  Online  is  available  to  the  public  on   JASNA’s  web  site.  It  is  updated  periodically  and  contains  unique  articles  not  found  in  the   printed  journal.)  

The  opportunity  to  join  in  the  activities  of  one  or  more  of  JASNA’s  regional  groups  in  the   United  States  and  Canada  

An  invitation  to  attend  the  Annual  General  Meeting  (AGM),  a  three-­‐‑day,  Austen-­‐‑themed   conference  held  each  fall  in  a  different  North  American  city,  featuring  speakers,  entertainment,   banquet,  and  Regency  ball  

Participation  in  members-­‐‑only  tours  to  England,  organized  and  led  by  professionals  with   special  access  to  Austen  sites.  

JASNA dues--

Student            $18
Individual         $30
Family              $45
Sustaining         $60
Life Member    $350 
Family Life       $500    

For more information on membershhip in JASNA, go to or 800-836-3911 or

The membership year for JASNA runs from September 1 to October 31, the same as JASNA's fiscal year.