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2014—Montreal “Mansfield Park—Contexts, Conventions, Controversies”

2015—Louisvllle “Living in Jane Austen’s World”

2016—Washington, D.C. “Emma at 200: No One But Herself”

2017—Los Angeles “tba”

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How many of you receive Kerri Spennicchia’s emails about Austen related news.  Kerri is a very active member of the New York Region. I can’t keep up with all the news items she sends out.  If you are interested in receiving her clippings, here is her address:

Have you heard.....

...Chawton's Jane Austen House Museum was able to acquire Jane Austen's ring which had
     been purchased by Carrie Underwood.

....The Lizzie Bennet Diaries won an Emmy for special media presentation

...that Amy Patterson, of Ohio, who co-owns Jane Austen Books, wrote an essay
     which appeared in the latest Regency World Magazine.  Congrats, Amy! 

...the P and P musical received more awards than any other musical in the New
     York Musical Theatre's Festival's Awards for Excellence.

...Sandy Lerner, to whom we all owe a great debt for purchasing the Chawton
     House property and restoring it to glory, has written her own sequel to Pride
     and Prejudice--Second Impressions.  She writes under the name of Ava
     Farmer (she owns Ayrshire Farm in Virginia....get it?)

....Madame Toussaud's now has a Colin Firth figure.

...about the Jane Austen Fan Kit app?

...or seen the Amanda Vickery documentary, "The Many Lovers of Jane Austen?"     

     Featured is Charles Spencer, Viscount Althorp, the brother of the late Diana

     Princess of Wales.


...about the book by Lindsay Ashford, wife of Steve Lawrence of Chawton House--The Mysterious Death of Jane Austen Was Jane Austen poisoned?

 ...the Bodleian Library, Oxford University, was the high bidder for the Austen 
    manuscript of The Watsons at 1.6 million US dollars.

Merchandise and Information from Bath

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England, is a wonderful source for books and other Austen related merchandise.  Becca will happily answer all your questions.  The address is

Three charming workers (and one rather staid Regency lady) at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England

Costume News

I have information about Regency costumes from "The Dressmaker's Shop" in Leslie, Michigan.  Go online to check it out.

There is also a costume maker, Becky Sanders in Avon who will make a Regency costume for you.  She charges $10 an hour labor fee.  Go to for more information.

In Newsweek recently, there was an article entitled "Not So Plain Jane" written by Sarah Ball. The former department chair of Sondra Bowers sent it to her and she, in turn, sent it to me.  I have to admit it caused an unusually strong reaction on my part which I will share here.  If you can take a look at the article (so far I have been unable to scan it for you here), do so.  The main point of the article is that JA loyalists and "harrumphing English teachers with Austen-filled syllabi" should step up and do something about the Zombies and other spin-offs of the Austen canon or else shame themselves into oblivion.  Here is my response:

Response to “Not So Plain Jane”

 I share Sarah Ball's sentiments to a point.  After seeing Abraham Lincoln,  Vampire-Slayer at Borders and hearing about future zombie/ undead/ monster/ themed books coming out based on some other otherwise "sacred" literary texts, I do not agree that it is the sole responsibility of authentic Austen devotees that this tide of ridiculousness be  stemmed.  

 The whole Twilight- inspired fascination with this genre has mystified me from the beginning.  I strongly defended J.K.Rowling's raking in billions of dollars on the basis that her books got many non-readers converted to reading.  Whether those readers continued to read other offerings has not been measured. So, whether those folks devouring (pardon the pun) werewolf and zombie books, will also read 'quality'' literature remains to be seen. Maybe not.

 Bottom line--nothing seems to be sacred or beyond the reach of bastardization by hack writers and greedy publishers.  As a matter of fact, I am nearly 70 pages into a book called Gertrude and Claudius, which is a prequel to Hamlet.  It portrays Hamlet as a smug, sexist prick and goes into more erotic detail of the marriage bed of Gertrude and Hamlet senior (I have yet to get to the part where Gertrude and her brother-in-law get it on, but it is already hinted at) than I find tasteful.  Who wrote this sensationalization of Shakespeare's masterpiece?  No hack, to be sure.  None other than John Updike.

 I think her scornful remark about someone paying $11,000 for a lock of Jane's hair is out of line.  Who cares?  That has nothing to do with the aforementioned sensationalizing, money-hungry writers and publishers.  If I had the funds, I would not hesitate to purchase some authentic artifact which once belonged to Shakespeare, I think.

 She analyzes, albeit perfunctorily, the present phenomena of gore-ridden spin-offs which baffle many of us. However, her calling on "harrumphing Engish teachers with Austen-filled syllabi" is misdirected.  Sadly, can you imagine the raucous rebellion at North Central if its English Department were asked to agree to put Jane Austen in the curriculum in place of Frankenstein, Julio and Romiette, or whatever contemporary fluff they now have in place?

 She says "unless someone speaks up" familiarity with the authentic Austen will continue to fade. I think she needs to try to view this with more of a sense of humor.   As the young woman at Starbucks  who said that she loved Jane Austen and "I haven't read any of her books, but I've seen all her movies." or with the great increase in JASNA membership after Colin Firth strode across the grass in the wet, clingy shirt, new devotees of "authentic Austen" will come from directions other than the English classroom. 

Haven't we all seen terrible, horrible, shameful presentations of Shakespeare?  Jane is right behind him--on all counts.

'nuff said.  I guess I needed to vent. 

Contact information:  Sue Landaw,  317-251-8284